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Steve - Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 09:45AM
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We have spent the day at Johnny's house in Brooklyn. Been and had breakfast, it was not good, my eating habits are terrible at the moment. Mike and Yosi are heading back to Philadelphia to watch a punk band called Hate and War, they are catching a bus from China Town in about 20 minutes. We are all sitting at a table, I cannot believe they have not left yet, as the drummer is here. They are all three getting drunk, this is hilarious.

They have been drinking since around 10:00am and just got a call they are on at 8:00pm. It's like Tweadle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and their twice removed cousin. They are freaking out, it's going to be a disaster.

I have just been walking around Brooklyn, it is so cold out today. Been in the thrift store with Buster, they all slept in the bus last night under the Brooklyn Bridge. They bought beer and woke up to frozen solid cans in the bus.

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Steve - Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 05:21AM
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Although I could not get a phone straight away, Desiree at T-Mobile really helped me sort this out. It's gonna cost me, but she pulled it all together for me so easily. Cheers Desiree.

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Steve - Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 04:10AM
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Ever listen to the NPR show The World Cafe? This is a the venue and radio station where it happens. After sleeping in the RV in Alexandria we drove into very bad weather. The drivers were really good, taking it easy, as they are from California. We drove into Philadelphia and headed straight to Gino's for a cheese steak. After standing in the cold eating we headed for the venue. It is a great stage, and the crew there were by far the best all tour. Playing shows every day are really fun, and we all get on so well. There has not been any real incident on the bus, the occasional argument, but nothing too bad. We played a great show and the GM came to the dressing room after and told us we have an open ticket there. Basically he loved the show and would have us play when ever we wanted too.

After the show I headed out front to watch The English Beat. Stood at the bar and bought a drink, they had given us Nut Ale in the dressing room, it was horrible. I never really get that noticed out front, as my head is down and I am surrounded bu cymbals.

Well I was approached by a couple and they struck up a conversation with me. They are Danielle and KC Kulp, they were so nice. They run a bar 40 minutes outside Philadelphia called The Whip Tavern

They bought me a drink and we talked through the whole show, they were so kind, offering to let me stay at the bar. The horn section came and joined me and they were also treated like royalty by this very nice couple. It makes a huge difference on the road when you get to meet normal nice people, including the legendary Mrs Jones.

I am sitting in Johnny's kitchen right now, we drove through the night and I am now in Brooklyn, tired and have to get a new phone as I dropped mine and the screen broke. My Gracie flies in tonight, not sure if I will see her, as she gets in so late. The Philmore show is about sold out, i think I am going to be part of a legendary night in New York, I am up to speed and kickin' arse on the drums.

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Steve - Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 04:06AM
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We had another great show here in Alexandria, got to really hang out with The Pietasters and return them their trombone. We are heading to Philidelphia for a show.

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Steve - Mon Feb 02, 2009 @ 03:50AM
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We have all been combining photos. If you hit the link, there are a bunch.

Scroll to the bottom, there are about four pages.

Click Here

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Steve - Mon Feb 02, 2009 @ 03:12AM
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I am really looking forward to seeing my wife this week. The tour has been so grueling. I am not as young as I used to be. Also we have been exposed to many really trying situations. For the most part everyone has been great, being cooped up in a bus. All the members of the English Beat have been nice as well; I look forward to one day hanging out with them in KC.

You do a lot of soul searching sitting on a bus, with time to think about all your friends and family, and all the people you come in to your life. I have led a charmed life, and I really can honestly say I won't do this again. I have loved every minute of the tour, lived it to the fullest, but realise I love something so much more. Grace, David and Poppy I really miss you guys.

I am sitting in a hotel. I have a room all to myself in Alexandria, Virginia. I have a sore throat, I ache all over, splits on my hands, and am worn out. I have a show tonight.

Unless you have done it, touring is one of the most un-glamorous things. I know there is a part to the day where you get to have people cheer you, but they all go home, and you find yourself on a bus. I am 43 now, I hung out with Justin and Ryan last night, the band went to a Motel 6. I paid for two rooms at the Hyatt, they share a room and I got some space to myself. They are both really young, mid twenties. We sat in the bar and drank and just talked openly all night.

Justin needs a job! He does not have one when he gets back to Kansas City. He is such a nice kid. He, like me, took this opportunity to live and learn something about himself. He is a bar tender and needs a job asap when he gets home next week. If anyone out there needs help, please get in touch with him. I can't stand the thought of him coming home to nothing.

It's so quiet in here.

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Steve - Sat Jan 31, 2009 @ 04:40AM
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We had a great show last night in Baltimore, lots of great faces. The Pietasters were brilliant as usual and it was great to catch up with Steve Jackson and the guys. We will have more time on Sunday/Monday as we are 1 mile from his home.

The Rams Head Live were by far the most hospitable crew we have encountered. Nothing seemed to be to much trouble; so if you are touring and want a great night at a venue, I recommend it.

We were joined at the venue by Matt's parents, Tina and Bud, which is where I am at right now. I got to sleep in a bed, and have breakfast made for me. They live in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I have not seen any of it yet, as it's stupidly cold outside. They have made us all so welcome and warm, we all thank them for that.

We head to Richmond today, it's about a three hour drive, which means 5 for us. With no heat in the bus, I cannot wait for it to be over. I am now going to have another cup of coffee and chat with the family.........later.

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Steve - Fri Jan 30, 2009 @ 09:42AM
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We got to Baltimore around was around 7 degrees below. We had no heat and it was freezing. We had parked in a McDonald's car park and stayed there due to no hotel. I woke up due to the cold at around 7am and headed for the McDonald's for coffee. I sat there until I went back, woke everyone up, and said lets get going on the generator. We found a Auto Parts store and they sent us in the right direction.

In there I met a guy called Ed. He was 6'5" tall African American. He looked at me and asked "what the hell I was doing in North Baltimore". He then informed me that we were in the worst part of town. He then set about helping us with our problem, allowing us to follow him to a repair shop. He was so nice and it was a pleasure meeting him.

We got to the next place and he referred us to Allied Carburetor on the other side of town. They were brilliant. They could not fix the problem, but came up with a redneck solution. We now have to run a hose out of the generator into a bucket of fuel, as there is a block in the main line. So we cannot have electric on the bus when moving but I can rig it so if we stop we can have heat and charge our phones. Just another problem halfway solved.

We are at the venue, it's beautiful, HEAT, food, coffee and my friends The Pietasters.

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Steve - Fri Jan 30, 2009 @ 09:16AM
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That was by far one of the worst drives and days I have ever had on a bus. I have not been able to write for several days due to having no power. We left Fort Lauderdale after a great show, met tons of Brits, and had a great time chatting to people.

We started to drive to Baltimore around 2:00 am in shorts and a t-shirt. I fell asleep as per usual sitting in the chair next to Matt. I woke up due to the fact the temperature had dropped around 30 degrees. We have had no heat on the bus, and have not needed it, but the reality of heading North was setting in.

On the way we stopped at a boat and RV location in South Carolina.We stayed and they fixed our batteries so that we at least had light on the bus, but without the generator, there still would be no power. We needed according to them a new carburetor. We had lunch and boarded back on to the bus.

As the evening drew we stopped at a roadside diner for take out. We were greeted by a scene from deliverance. We were made to feel very un-welcome;they definitely assumed that we were the Cavalry.

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Steve - Wed Jan 28, 2009 @ 11:18AM
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We just arrived at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, very nice venue. We are due on at 9pm, I hope to eat very soon. The bus has lost it's electric again, this is not good as we are driving tonight all the way to Baltimore. The drive for normal people is around 15 hours, we will at least take 22.

I am looking forward to seeing Steve Jackson from the Pietasters. Also we are all able to stay at Matt's Mums house. We probably should apologise in advance.

Yosi and Mike are setting up the merchandise next to me right now. Mike the dawg has the first leg of the drive. It is hard to sleep. We are all going to be very sweaty after the show and no shower available for 2 days.

I am really pleased to say the English Beat gave us the dressing room tonight;they stayed on their lovely bus. It makes such a difference to the evening.

I am going round the pub, there is a place near by where I can eat....still charging my phone.

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