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Washington DC - 930 Club

Washington DC - 930 Club
Jake - Wed Aug 25, 2010 @ 09:35AM
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Where were we? Oh yeah on the way to DC, this time on a bus from Manhattan. Not a luxury cruise, but it beats the Bounder on smell alone. Matt, Johnny, Justino and I make it to DC in plenty of time and catch a taxi to the club. I've got time to grab some Ethiopian food and make a few calls before soundcheck. Last time I came through DC as a musician, I played the old 930 club location. Now it's one of the premiere clubs on the East Coast. The staff are top-notch and really helpful. The old punk rockers in the band are feeling the old-school DC punk vibes - we'll do this one for Bad Brains tonight.

Tonight I also get to see an old friend from Trinidad: Aneela was a journalist for the Trinidad Express and sang in bands down there as well, now she lives outside Baltimore with her husband and young son. We catch up on old times. Here she is looking exactly as she did when we met over a decade ago in POS:jake and neel 930 club dc

The show goes off very well. Probably our best of the tour so far. We get great response from the audience. One thing about a Bad Manners show, we always have our contingent of hardcore fans who know all the lyrics and routines. It's great. But equally cool is how the band captures unsuspecting concertgoers and turns them into BM fans. I've had dozens of people tell me they came to see The Beat, or had never heard of BM, but are now fans of the band. It's pretty hard to ignore the onslaught that is a Bad Manners set.

During The Beat's set, Riddim's kick drum pedal goes down, and tour opener Chris Murray, who's been playing rhythm guitar on some Beat songs this tour, is put on the spot - Dave Wakeling tell Chris to start one of his tunes, and the band joins in. Chis has been a great part of the tour, this time doing his one-man ska band thing. Hearing him with the Beat backing him up is a treat for sure. I predict big things for the lad. First he needs to put on 200 lbs and shave his head.

Go HERE for a review of the entire DC show, from Chris to Bad to Beat.

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