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The World Cafe Live

The World Cafe Live
Steve - Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 04:10AM
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Ever listen to the NPR show The World Cafe? This is a the venue and radio station where it happens. After sleeping in the RV in Alexandria we drove into very bad weather. The drivers were really good, taking it easy, as they are from California. We drove into Philadelphia and headed straight to Gino's for a cheese steak. After standing in the cold eating we headed for the venue. It is a great stage, and the crew there were by far the best all tour. Playing shows every day are really fun, and we all get on so well. There has not been any real incident on the bus, the occasional argument, but nothing too bad. We played a great show and the GM came to the dressing room after and told us we have an open ticket there. Basically he loved the show and would have us play when ever we wanted too.

After the show I headed out front to watch The English Beat. Stood at the bar and bought a drink, they had given us Nut Ale in the dressing room, it was horrible. I never really get that noticed out front, as my head is down and I am surrounded bu cymbals.

Well I was approached by a couple and they struck up a conversation with me. They are Danielle and KC Kulp, they were so nice. They run a bar 40 minutes outside Philadelphia called The Whip Tavern

They bought me a drink and we talked through the whole show, they were so kind, offering to let me stay at the bar. The horn section came and joined me and they were also treated like royalty by this very nice couple. It makes a huge difference on the road when you get to meet normal nice people, including the legendary Mrs Jones.

I am sitting in Johnny's kitchen right now, we drove through the night and I am now in Brooklyn, tired and have to get a new phone as I dropped mine and the screen broke. My Gracie flies in tonight, not sure if I will see her, as she gets in so late. The Philmore show is about sold out, i think I am going to be part of a legendary night in New York, I am up to speed and kickin' arse on the drums.

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