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McDonalds North Baltimore

McDonalds North Baltimore
Steve - Fri Jan 30, 2009 @ 09:42AM
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We got to Baltimore around was around 7 degrees below. We had no heat and it was freezing. We had parked in a McDonald's car park and stayed there due to no hotel. I woke up due to the cold at around 7am and headed for the McDonald's for coffee. I sat there until I went back, woke everyone up, and said lets get going on the generator. We found a Auto Parts store and they sent us in the right direction.

In there I met a guy called Ed. He was 6'5" tall African American. He looked at me and asked "what the hell I was doing in North Baltimore". He then informed me that we were in the worst part of town. He then set about helping us with our problem, allowing us to follow him to a repair shop. He was so nice and it was a pleasure meeting him.

We got to the next place and he referred us to Allied Carburetor on the other side of town. They were brilliant. They could not fix the problem, but came up with a redneck solution. We now have to run a hose out of the generator into a bucket of fuel, as there is a block in the main line. So we cannot have electric on the bus when moving but I can rig it so if we stop we can have heat and charge our phones. Just another problem halfway solved.

We are at the venue, it's beautiful, HEAT, food, coffee and my friends The Pietasters.

Comments: 5


1. Julie   |   Sat Jan 31, 2009 @ 05:59AM

I am sad about your difficulties but heartened to know that kind people are everywhere! GO ED!

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