Bad Manners Ska Tour

Bad Manners On Tour

For those of you that don't know......

For those of you that don't know......
Steve - Tue Jan 13, 2009 @ 08:51AM
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This is SKAFour days to go and the butterflies have officially taken up residence.  It is just hitting me that I will not see Grace, David and Poppy for 3+ weeks, I have never spent anytime away form them.  I am not nervous about playing, actually not really sure if it's nerves or just bloody excitement, stomach's just a bit dodgy.

We had a couple of scares in the last week with the Agency in LA.  Bad communications, but that is all settled, done and dusted and everything is back on track.

Sadly, Simon Cuell will not be playing guitar on the tour due to a family illness. I was informed last week that he was not able to make it and asked if I knew any guitar players. I called a mate, Rico Hooligan and he called around the Ska scene in Kansas City and we found someone who has been now thrust into the limelight.

His name is Justin Warring, he plays in several local bands. The Sex Police is one, the other is the Stella Link, sounds like he might fit right in. I dropped him off several DVD's on the weekend and that is how he will learn the show. There will be no practice in LA, his first practice will be his first show! I did it that way as well, it's the best way.

I have not played with the band in 13 years, so we are about in the same boat, for me it's like riding a bike, a three wheeler of course.

I have been practicing out at 151st, near Olathe Medical Centre at nights. After reading "the Runaway Shopping Cart", prayers and a goodnight kiss, it's straight in the truck to the Bark to Basics dog food warehouse for a crazy three hour stint.

Getting excited.....everyone is being very nice and helpful; it's amazing how many fabulous friends and colleagues I have.


Comments: 5


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