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Atlanta GA - Dirty South Meets Dirty Musicians

Atlanta GA - Dirty South Meets Dirty Musicians
Jake - Thu Sep 02, 2010 @ 06:35AM
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The sun is BEATING down as we limp into Atlanta...The Variety Playhouse is a cool old theater, and it's right in the middle of the trendy Little Five Points neighborhood.

********Looks like it's time to roll out now, I'll have to catch up with y'all later....

So now I'm back. Blogging this tour is hard as fuck. I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm trying to write about playing Atlanta the week of 8/25, and I'm sitting in Tucson on 9/4. But Atlanta was good. So hot, but good. The Beat are changing buses today, and for a while, there are two sets of fancy tour buses and equipment trailers in the lot next to our jalopy of an RV. Dave Wakeling tells us that the ashtrays were full, so it's time for a new bus. There's some of that famous Brum humor, or is it "humour?" Let's table that one for now. I browse the overpriced but well-stocked thrift store up the block, and get a decent discount from the guy there. Got two shirts I really like and will wear on stage. The gig went down pretty well as I recall it a week later. I know the new shirt looked good. As the support band, you have to take the leftover space at the front of the stage, and hope to get a sound check. it doesn't always work out well, but you have to nail it anyway. The most interestingpart of our Atlanta stay doesn't start until after the gig. We have no gigs until 8/30 in New Orleans. Plus, Buster has to fly BACK to Blighty to do a Hell's Angels wedding gig he can't back out of. Or else, I imagine. Naw, it's his old mates. But still, the idea of getting Buster on a plane at 3AM is a daunting one. Sure enough, by the time we leave the local bars to the locals, Buster is pissed. Matt is also taking off for a few days, so we have him go in a help Buster check in. Buster's wearing a loud jacket and filthy red shorts. He's got a suitcase that must weigh 75lbs and a shopping bag stuffed with who knows what. This is gonna be good. We promise to circle around the huge airport to make sure that Operation Buster Drop is a success. When we get back around, Buster is back outside - now what? Turns out he just needs to wait until the gate opens. We're too early, a Bad Manners first. Matt has a later flight and sees Buster off. Operation Buster Drop is a success.

We're gonna be here for a few days, staying at Mitch's compound, the Blue Tower Gallery

It's a really cool space, a re-purposed cotton warehouse with a 5-story blue water tower. Mitch lives in the bottom 3 floors. We stay in the gallery part, which also has a kitchen, bathroom with SHOWER and a washer and dryer. Heaven. Mitch was involved with the Atlanta punk scene from the beginning. One entire wall is covered with pictures and flyers from the late 70s well into the 80s. Cool stuff. We're here for four days, to rest, rehearse, do laundry and check out those famous Atlanta strip clubs. The space is in a black neighborhood on the South Side, and I immediately find the vegan restaurant run by the Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. They're a little wacky, but who isn't? The food is GREAT and wholesome. A real treat in BBQ city. Justin and I chow down here twice, once with Johnny. Also on the same street is a funky little strip club called Queens Adult Entertainment. We pass it many times on our trips to get beer and food during our time at Mitch's. The four days pass and it's time to get to New Orleans. CENSORED and I decide that we need to run over to Queens and have a quick drink at least before we leave Atlanta. Mom, please stop reading here. The other guys are laughing, saying they'll never let two white skinhead dudes in. The place turns out to be the fucking bomb. $5 dollar dances, lovely Atlanta ladies and nothing but hip hop. The DJ is funny too, and there are no weird vibes. CENSORED makes friends with the owner, fixes the pool table, and starts running the table. We're there for like 2 1/2 hours, before folks start texting that it's time to leave. By then I've spent I don't know how much money, gotten a dance from almost every girl there and had a thoroughly entertaining time. I used to DJ at strip clubs, so it's all demystified for me. I don't really go. But Atlanta was something I always wanted to see. I don't wanna get all cliche with it, but it's fun and affirming of black female beauty in a distinctly Atlanta way. They got they own thing down thurr. I can check off "make it rain at an Atlanta strip club" off my bucket list. On to New Orleans.

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