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Carrboro, NC: Bad Planners

Carrboro, NC: Bad Planners
Jake - Thu Sep 02, 2010 @ 05:58AM
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After 2 crazy nights in Baltimore, it's back in the Bounder for the drive to Carrboro, North Carolina. We drive as fast as we can and barely get to the club in time to load in. Somehow, The Beat and our mutual booking agent think that we're traveling from Boston (WTF???) and send us helpful emails about drive times and how we won't make the Carrboro show, but maybe if we drive non-stop we can make Atlanta. There's also an email going around where the powers that be are calling us "Bad Planners." It's funny, but also fucked up that it's funny. The staff is super-cool and work with us to make it happen, unlike Foxboro, MA. FU Foxboro. We play a good set, but the crowd is mostly older and largely male...more of an 80's nostalgia crowd. No mods, skins or scooter kids. Super music fan Ms Barbetta Jones is at the show, and she took a bunch of cool photos of the band. We leave that night for Atlanta.

Comments: 6


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